Mini Kelly

Sweet, petite, and so very chic, the Hermès Kelly 20cm bag packs a great deal of glam into such a small package. Measuring approximately 7.5 inches wide, 4.5 inches high, and 2.2 inches deep, the Kelly 20, or the “mini Kelly 2” as it is widely and affectionately known, is the ideal day-to-evening bag for the fashionable woman who travels light.

The smallest of the Kelly bags, the Hermès Kelly 20 comfortably carries cash, a few credit cards, lipstick, and a compact smartphone. For daytime, this makes for such an elegant take on the miniature handbag style. If you routinely carry a large Hermés bag like the Birkin 35 as a carryall or a stylish briefcase, the mini Kelly 2 is a lovely choice for a luncheon or a dinner date.